Virtualization Can Bulletproof Disaster Recovery Plans

When it comes to disasters, companies have two choices: Be prepared, or be prepared to fail. Unfortunately, disasters are not a matter of if. They’re a matter of when. Many people think of major disasters that hit the national news, but there are other types of events that can result in a Total Building Loss (TBL) disaster such as fires, floods, tornadoes and robberies. According to a study by McGladrey and Pullen, every year, one out of 500 data centers will experience a severe disaster. That same study reveals that a full 43 percent of companies who experience a significant disaster never re-open, and 29 percent close within two years. Unless companies have a solid disaster recovery (DR) plan, they are at risk.

Over the past several years, virtualization has emerged as an easy and reliable way to improve disaster preparedness. This technology provides companies the ability to dramatically increase the efficiency and availability of their resources in the event of a disaster. Using virtualization, enterprises can ensure they are back online within minutes or hours, rather than days, weeks or months.

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