Over the holidays, I was attempting to get Siri to call one of my relatives. I would choose the correct contact and Siri would state that “she would remember the relationship” and place the call. The next time I attempted to use Siri, she did not know the relationship and prompted me again. My contacts are not iCloud contacts (which supposedly remembers the relationships). The contacts are based on an Exchange account (which does not have the proper relationship fields).

So, in order to use Siri with the Exchange contacts, you can take advantage of the “Nickname” field in Exchange.

  1. Tap the Contacts App
  2. Select the Contact that you want to edit (either make a relationship or enter any nickname)
  3. Click the Edit button
  4. Scroll down to the green (+) “add field” (near the bottom of the contact)
  5. Click the (+), choose the Nickname field
  6. Enter a nickname or relationship (i.e. mom, dad, sister, buddy, etc.)
  7. Click the Done button

Now Siri can be used to interact with that contact using the Nickname entered!