Apple is gearing up for the highly anticipated release of iOS 8 that has several new features such as enhancements to photos, messages, overall design, and continuity. With a Fall release expected (some speculate it will accompany the release of an iPhone 6), it’s important to understand what changes may impact you and your business. Here are few selected changes that you should know about:


You can now record your voice, or any sound, and insert it into your personal or group message conversation. When group messaging, you now have the capability to add or drop someone at any point in the conversation. You can also leave the discussion by switching on a ‘Do Not Disturb’ setting and read through the messages when you want. Very helpful when you’re in back to back meetings but still need to collaborate with your team.

Enhanced Multitasking

iOS 8 makes multitasking easier than ever before with notification banners that enable you to check and respond to texts or emails without leaving the app you’re in. For instance, while browsing the Internet, you can check your messages, calendar invites, set reminders, or post on third party apps like Facebook or Twitter simultaneously.

Banner notifications also display the faces of recent contacts and with one swipe, you can answer or start a call. In addition, jumping back and forth between a draft email and an email in your inbox is now a breeze.


Projects that begin on your iPad can be picked up where you left off on your iPhone or Mac. You can even browse the Internet on your iPhone and continue surfing the same link on your Mac as long as your devices are signed into the same iCloud account. If your iOS 8 device is on the same Wi-Fi network for all your devices, you can send or receive calls on any device. Your iPad can automatically connect your to phone’s personal hotspot if you’re out of Wi-Fi range. Now you continue where you left off on any one of your Apple devices.