Evernote and LinkedIn launched a new business card application for iOS that might make you reconsider how you organize and store your business cards.

How exactly does this work?

The Evernote-LinkedIn app scans business cards, extracts all the information visually, and then searches LinkedIn for profiles so you get as many facts as possible in a timely manner.

After downloading the application on your iPad or iPhone, place a business card on a flat, contrasting surface within the frame of the Business Card camera in the Evernote app. The camera will then find the edges of the card and snap a photo automatically. You will be prompted to link your Evernote and LinkedIn accounts in order to digitize and record the business card.  From there, LinkedIn scans its professional network to provide you with relevant, up-to-date information about your contact, even without actually being connected with the person. You will also be given the option to connect with your contact on LinkedIn, share your own information, or save the person’s information as a contact in your device’s address book.

How does this affect my business? (Why you should care)

In this busy professional world, sometimes first impressions are all we have. Business cards represent a physical link to the people we’ve met and the places we’ve seen. Business cards are essential in making connections with other people and the Evernote-LinkedIn app was designed to expand social networks, foster more relationships, and increase professional contacts. The Evernote-LinkedIn app even allows you to make comments and geo-tag the location of where the card was scanned. Now all your professional contacts are stored on your device, in Evernote, and on LinkedIn.