Learn these 15 Keyboard time savers to achieve faster results with less effort. These shortcuts are easy to remember and great ways to enhance your business functionality. We’ve got you covered from your favorite functions like cut, copy and paste to more complex keystrokes.

  1. CTRL + C. By holding these two keystrokes, selected text is copied to the clipboard.
  2. CTRL + V. This combination pastes the previously selected text into the document.
  3. CTRL + F. Search the entire document for a particular word or phrase with this function
  4. CTRL + Z and CTRL + Y. Z allows you to undo, while Y is redo.
  5. CTRL + X. Get rid of excess or unwanted words by cutting text.
  6. Alt + Tab. Switch between open programs. This keystroke enables you to go back and forth between important documents without having to close anything.
  7. CTRL + S. Save a few seconds when you use this shortcut to save your work.
  8. CTRL + N. Quickly open a new blank document by holding “Control” and “N” simultaneously.
  9. CTRL + Shift + N. Convert all text to the normal style formatting.
  10. CTRL + H. This function allows you to find and replace selected texts.
  11. CTRL + O. Looking for a recent document? Use these keystrokes to do an ‘open document’ search.
  12. CTRL + Home. Send your cursor to the beginning of the document. By just pressing the ‘Home’ key, your cursor is sent to the beginning of that particular line.
  13. CTRL + End. Send your cursor to the end of the document or to the end of the specific line by clicking just the “End” key.
  14. CTRL + B or CTRL + I. Both of these keystrokes will bold or italicize the selected font.
  15. Shift + F3. Change the case of your font from upper case to lower case, and vice versa.

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