Earlier this week, Microsoft experienced two widespread outages affecting businesses everywhere. The first major outage was Lync on Monday. The following day, Microsoft Exchange Online was affected.

Microsoft claims its Lync service was disrupted due to a network routing infrastructure issue. Lync is Microsoft’s communication software that provides instant messaging, phone calling, and video conferencing services. Customers were unable to use any of Lync’s communication features during the outage.

Exchange Online, which houses e-mail, calendar, and contacts services, was temporarily ineffective for nearly 5 hours. Users were unable to send or receive e-mails. Many e-mails that were received showed up blank or empty. There were several reports of delayed email delivery in the neighborhood of 8 plus hours. At Interphase, we noticed that our Email Protection Suite for our clients began queuing emails, prompting us to notify our impacted clients.

The Office 365 service health dashboards did not immediately report any issues, including both the Exchange Online and Lync outages. In fact, Microsoft’s slow communication to impacted businesses has been a hot topic of conversation since these outages occurred.

As of now, no quantifiable information has been provided on the details of what exactly went wrong or how many businesses were affected.

With all of this said, Office 365 has maintained a strong reputation as a dependable cloud solution for many businesses. Despite these recent hiccups, we can all trust that Microsoft will find the root cause, resolve the underlying issue and make preparations to avoid similar situations in the future.