Many businesses lack the correct infrastructure to prevent against cybercrime or the proper security measures to recover from a cyber-attack. The damage needs to be mitigated and the network needs bolstering. These 6 simple steps will help get your business back on its feet after an attack.

1. Assess the Damage. Once you have been informed of an attack, it is crucial to contact your IT provider so they can assess the damage of the breach and implement steps to move forward. In many cases, a digital forensics team will perform a network investigation to discover what information was leaked, or how detrimental the attack was on your business.

2. Communicate the Breach. It is important to inform necessary internal and external parties about the breach. Depending upon how much information was leaked, security measures need to be implemented as soon as possible, such as password changes.

3. Patch the Holes. Your IT provider typically can determine security flaws and identify where hackers snuck into your systems. These security weaknesses need to be patched immediately to prevent further disturbances.

4. Recovery Time. After an attack, your systems need to recover from infected backups in order to reduce the amount of information lost. It is always a good idea to have a Back-Up & Data Recovery plan to ensure your data is safe in the face of an attack. This may assist will increasing business continuity and reduce the risk of losing bulk data again.

5. Change ALL Passwords. Once your system has been compromised, no passwords are safe. In most cases of security breaches, sensitive information is stolen, including passwords, usernames, and credit card information. The sooner you change all your passwords, the better.

6. Run an Audit. Make sure to run a full network security audit to double check no other problems are lurking in your system due to the breach or existed before it. Companies can use automated auditing programs or hire a third party organization.

Are you cyber-secure?