The Cloud Wars rage on with Microsoft making the next move. Microsoft has acquired InMage, which is a developer of cloud-based business continuity technology, in an effort to expand its Disaster Recovery and data management in Azure (Microsoft’s public cloud).

Microsoft plans to harness the InMage Scout backup and replication software and integrate it into Azure to enhance data migration and other cloud storage capabilities. This strategic move by Microsoft will help increase customer’s productivity and give them more bang-for-their-buck. Microsoft wants to give users a simple, cost-effective solution to ensure business continuity with Azure by getting you more of your business data into the cloud, for less money and with less effort.

It is essential to have a functioning Disaster Recovery Service in case havoc breaks loose. If all else fails, you want to ensure your data is safe and easily recovered. Microsoft’s Azure Site Recovery service helps to automate services in the wake of disaster and to restore services quickly.

There are a multitude of cloud-service providers, each with specialized functions, so make sure to do your research before jumping into the wrong cloud. After all, your company data relies on it.

Who do you think has the best advantage in the Cloud Wars?