Your iPhone is a multifaceted resource for your business. You can store important company data, manage passwords and client portfolios in popular apps, communicate with employees via messaging, or update your calendar. The iPhone is an excellent business mobile device that can enhance work productivity, so it’s important to know as many Shortcuts as possible to enhance your productivity. Here are 7 useful tips to increase business continuity by simply using your iPhone.

1. Bold, Underline and Italics. Many of your iPhone apps enable you to use different formatting tools such as bold, underline, and italics to better communicate your message. Place appropriate emphasis on words by using italics or bold. It’s as simple as highlighting the text and selecting “B/U” in the copy/paste popup menu.

2. Go Back. Apple users are familiar with the lack of a quick back button, like its Android competitors have. Despite the lack of a specific button to go back, iPhone allows you to swipe your finger across the screen, from left to right,to return to a previous window.

3. Multi-Purpose Headphones. Believe it or not, your iPhone headphones have more functions than just playing music. With your headphones, you can make or ignore calls, take pictures, and toggle between songs. The connector piece on the iPhone earbuds have many functions. The “+” sign works as a volume up control and the “-“ sign works as volume down. In addition, the middle button can be used to answer or hang up on calls. You could even use this button in different variations for varying controls, such as pressing it three times to go to a previous song. For more ways to use your iPhone headphones, be on the lookout for our upcoming blog: How To Use Your iPhone Headphones In A Variety Of Ways

4. Customize Vibrations. We all know we can personalize our ringtones, but did you know iPhone allows your set customized vibrations as well? This can come in handy during a meeting, which can also help increase business continuity. First things first, go into your settings app and click “Notifications.” Next, scroll down until you see “Messages” and select that. When you’ve reached this screen, find the “Text Tone” button and tap it. You will see a list of sounds you can use for your notification alerts, but on the top of this page you will see a “vibration” selection.

5. Take a Screenshot. Need to snap a quick shot of something on your iPhone screen? Capture a screenshot image quickly by simultaneously holding the home button and the power button.

6. Swipe to Delete. When you need to delete an email or message instantly on your phone, the best way to do so is by swiping from left to right across the screen. When you swipe, a red “Delete” button will appear to confirm that you want to delete. You can also delete in bulk by selecting the “Edit” button and tapping the circles next to the left of each email you want to delete, then hitting the “Delete” button again.

7. Prolong your Battery Life. Under your iPhone settings, you can disable Apple location data. By disabling this iOS feature, you can better protect your privacy while also prolonging your battery.

  • Charge faster. It seems when we need our iPhone’s the most, our battery is suddenly approaching dead. By switching to Airplane mode, your phone will charge more, in less time by limiting the features that are being used, which does include no calling.
  • Sustain life. You may not have noticed that many apps actually refresh in the background, even if you’re not using them. These apps are constantly draining your battery. By toggling with your settings and switching “off” any apps you are not currently using, you can sustain your phone’s battery.

Have any additional iPhone shortcuts to add?