You may not be able to teach an old dog new tricks, but you can certainly acquire new tips and tricks that can improve your skills. In this day and age, using the Internet is pretty familiar. However, do you know how to maximize your effort while minimizing time? Here’s 5 web browsing tips that could increase productivity that are too valuable to ignore.

1. Transport to the Address Bar. Finished with a particular site or want to copy the web link? From anywhere on a page, you can quickly jump to the address bar by using either functions: “CTRL + L” or “ALT + D.”

2. Reopen Tabs. Let’s say you accidentally closed out of an important website. You can actually reopen a closed tab by pressing “CTRL + SHIFT + T” and the most recent tab will reappear.

3. Cover Your Tracks. If you’re using a shared computer and want to buy presents or plan a surprise event for your company, there’s a way to enable private browsing. Under this, no cookies are used and the history is not stored. For Internet Explorer users the keystroke is “CTRL + SHIFT + P” and for Chrome users, “CTRL + SHIFT + N.”

4. Sift through Open Tabs. Maybe you’re familiar with the shortcut “CTRL + TAB” which lets you move between tabs. But did you know there’s an even quicker way to sift through open tabs? You can actually use “CTRL + NUM (1, 2, 3…)” to jump directly to that specific tab in numeric order.

5. Save the Page. Use “CMMD + D” or “CMMD + K” to save the page you’re on as a bookmark.

Which tip do you find most useful?