iOS 8 was released earlier today and many users are interested in upgrading to it quickly.

While there are many new features and improvements, users should be aware that downloading and installing iOS 8 wirelessly on an iPhone requires approximately 4.7GB of free space! If you perform the upgrade via iTunes and a computer, you will still need almost 3GB of free space in order to work through the download and installation. This is because the installation files, known as “packages” need to be downloaded in order for parts of the installation to execute.

You will get space back, however. Once the upgrade is complete, iOS 8 removes the installation files and you will end up with almost the same available space. To see how much space your iOS device has available, simply open the “Settings” application and choose “General” then “Usage”. The amount of free space will be at the top of the screen. Once the iOS 8 upgrade is complete, several apps will require updates, which may or may not require more space. That’s why it is best to have more than the minimums available.

For our clients for which we manage dozens, hundreds or thousands of devices in their environment, we are recommending that their users wait a week or two before upgrading in order to find out if there are any issues with the initial release of the new iOS. This has happened previously with iOS6 and iOS7. We prefer to plan the upgrade process and leverage Mobile Device Management (MDM) tools where appropriate in order to verify that devices have been backed up, any key applications still work properly, conduct testing and other tasks. This is not always possible in certain client environments.

iPhones and iPads have become crucial devices for many business professionals. For those who don’t have time to deal with new release issues, it makes sense to wait and see if there are any issues with the initial release and then decide whether or not to wait for a patched version (i.e. iOS 8.01, 8.1, etc.). Regardless of the upgrade path you choose, be certain that you back up your device before the upgrade and make sure you have more than the minimum free space available.

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