Get ready to fly through work assignments and navigate your computer at top speed with keyboard combinations. Are you ready to cut time spent on projects in half? Then you better start implementing these useful shortcuts for Windows 8.1 immediately. Stop wasting time and start enhancing your business productivity now.

  • “Windows Key” + “D”. If you need to quickly close all your open windows, this combination is the answer. By holding the Windows key and the letter D, all windows will be hidden and reopened when you hit this combination again.
  • “Windows Key” + “X”. Use this combination to open the Quick Link menu where you can toggle with brightness, volume, battery strength and Wi-Fi connection.
  • “Windows Key” + “E”. Looking for a specific document? By holding these two keys simultaneously you can open the File Explorer.
  • “Ctrl” + “Shift” + “Esc”. View all your open and running applications by using this shortcut to open the Task Manager.
  • “Windows Key” + “Tab”. This keystroke will open the Task Switcher and enable you to pan through the open windows. Make sure to keep holding the “Windows Key” down while pressing “Tab” to pan through.
  • “Alt” + “Tab”. Similar to the previous shortcut, this combination will allow you to tab through open applications.
  • “Windows Key” + “P”. Seamlessly switch between Presentation modes by using this shortcut.

Which combination do you use most often?