Have you ever been on an email thread where you just wish someone would call a meeting?! Well that someone can be you, with just a few easy clicks!

From within your LONG email thread, look on the top ribbon for the calendar icon with a ‘reply arrow’. Click that icon and a meeting invitation will open. It will be pre-populated with the following items:

  1. To Line: All email recipients of the current email thread
    Subject Line: Title of the current email thread
  2. Location: You will need to populate this with a resource (if you have that option setup) and/or a Skype Meeting Link
  3. Insert Skype Link by clicking the ‘Skype Meeting’ icon on the toolbar.
    Start/End Time: Populated with the next available window (you will want to update this information)
  4. Body of the Meeting: This will include the thread of your email as a reference for the attendees.

Technology is a wonderful thing and so are emails… but sometimes you just need a face to face, voice to voice, web camera to web camera meeting. Don’t forget to share your screen within the Skype meeting so everyone can visually be on the same page!