Are you ready to lose all your money, cancel all accounts, and probably experience a system failure? I’m sure you will never be ready for that, which is why it’s critical you recognize the anatomy of a phishing email to avoid becoming a victim. So here are several warning signs to help you detect a malicious email.

  • Any emails sent from public email addresses.
  • General greetings such as “Dear User” or “Dear Customer.”
  • Unsolicited attachments are typically neon signs of malware, especially if the attachment has a peculiar file name. (i.e.
  • Computers do not know how to spell or string together phrases appropriately. Thus, when your email contains spelling or grammatical errors, keep your defenses up.
  • Suspicious links to an unrecognized site, unusually named link, or a misspelled link.
  • Requests for odd amounts of money or immediate action. In this day of emerging technology, if there were an emergency or a situation where a relative was in desperate need, chances are email would not be the communication medium.
  • Toll free numbers sent from an unrecognized sender.

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