Cloud computing has many benefits. It allows you to set up a virtual space that provides the flexibility of connecting to your business anywhere, and at any time. Access to your data is easier than ever with the use of smart phones, tablets, etc. Moving your business to the cloud can help you realize many of the benefits below.

Reduce IT Costs: Cloud computing may reduce the cost of managing and maintaining your IT systems. Simply using the resources of a cloud computing service provider, rather than purchasing expensive systems and equipment, can yield a quick return on investment. Reducing the number of servers, software costs and staff, while maintaining your organization’s IT capabilities, can have a tremendous impact.

The Latest Software: The latest versions of your software are also made available immediately within most cloud offerings, enabling greater levels of productivity through new features. Software enhancements are also released more frequently, rather than just annually.  Also, these features are released at no additional cost to your business, so there is no need to plan or pay for your upgrades.

Availability: Most cloud providers are very reliable, providing published uptime statistics to give you peace of mind. With most cloud providers, you are always connected.  However, should you lose connectivity to the cloud, some applications provide the ability to work off-line.

Collaboration: Cloud applications allow groups of people to meet virtually from any internet connected location. This makes information easily shareable and can improve customer service through greater system availability to you and your teams.

Data Security:  Security of data is a major concern for every business. Cybercrimes can destroy a company overnight if proper protection is not in place. Cloud computing can offer advanced security features that can guarantee data is stored and protected securely. Encryption, access control and authentication are all used as security measures to sustain cloud data protection.

Disaster Recovery: Business downtime is a major concern for every organization. Cloud computing offers quick data and system recovery in the face of emergencies or unforeseen events. Managing your data in the cloud can provide your business with greater levels of disaster recovery than you have in place today.

Cloud computing is on the rise.  Based on the example benefits listed above, it’s easy to see why so many organizations are moving more and more of their business to the cloud. With increased productivity, collaboration, security and revenue, we will continue to see cloud usage grow.

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