Microsoft Teams has quickly become the communication platform of choice for business.  With its diverse communication options, the flexibility of Teams has enhanced overall business productivity levels considerably.  One of those communication options is the “Dial-In Conference.”  This feature enables Teams meeting organizers to invite those participants who may only be able to attend via phone.

Typically, most Teams meetings are conducted via integrated voice, video, and screen sharing features that leverage your computer and internet connection.  However, whether due to the lack of an internet connection, or potentially an unstable connection, there are times when participating via phone may be the best option for you. Keep in mind, the audio- conferencing feature is not included within your basic Teams package.  To leverage this feature, an add-on license to your Microsoft 365 user account is required. Please note that meeting attendees who dial in via phone do not require a license or any other subscription.

Once you have set up your licensing options, you will be assigned a phone number through the Admin center of Teams. These phone numbers are based upon availability in your area code of choice. You can change this number if you wish, later. Additionally, you have the option to port existing phone numbers from your current provider or phone carrier to Microsoft 365.

Once you have a phone number associated to your user, you are ready to add phone calls to your Teams meetings!

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