Microsoft will be rolling out the latest Tasks app within Teams in September of this year. This app will allow users to see their individual tasks and team tasks in a single app. As Microsoft rolls out the Tasks experience, the Teams desktop app will initially appear as “Planner” to users. For Teams mobile clients, users will always see the app name as “Tasks.”

Tasks will be available as an app and as a tab within a channel. It is important to know that guests will only be able to access Tasks as an app from the mobile site. Guests will see Tasks tabs on both Teams desktop and web clients.

Tasks will be enabled by default for all Teams clients. If you do not wish for your team to have access to Tasks, you will need to take additional administrative steps to ensure it is not available.

Task publishing will also be available. Your organization will be able to publish task lists to various locations or teams. This allows individuals to share a work plan. Team members will be able to create task lists and publish them to specific teams.

Mobile users will be able to attach photos to show their work where appropriate and mark their tasks as completed when doing so. Another feature is that managers will be able to view reports to see assignments and completion status of tasks at each level, including location, task list, and individual task.

Teams and Tasks go hand-in-hand if you’re working within a group. Offering an all-in-one alliance, Teams Tasks app will allow users to prioritize their work, collaborate on completion, and report status from a central location. Tasks is powered by “Microsoft ToDo.”