5 Telltale Signs of A Failing Hard Drive

John Biglin, CEO | July 17, 2014

The hard drive is the heart of your computer and if it crashes, your business could be in deep trouble. When a hard drive fails, files can become fragmented and irreplaceable data may be lost. Always be on the lookout for 5 possible warning signs of a failing hard drive to prevent your system from malfunctioning.

1. Sluggish. If your computer suddenly slows down or starts “crawling”, this could be a possible sign of a failing hard drive. On a side note, it could also be a sign that your machine has a virus. So you should have it checked, regardless.

2. Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) or Freezing. Perhaps you have seen the infamous Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) in Windows, or the rainbow pinwheel cursor on a Mac that never seems to stop spinning. There are a plethora of reasons for a computer to freeze such as overworked RAM, too many browsers or browser windows open causing your computer to malfunction, too many external plugins installed, and a failing hard drive. Nevertheless, freezing and BSOD are warning signs that your computer is not operating properly and should be reviewed, not ignored.

3. Peculiar Sounds. Typically, hard drives operate silently. Therefore, whenever you hear strange noises emanating from your computer, you should be concerned. Frequent clicking, grinding and screeching are not normal.

4. Corrupted Data. When your files fail to open or suddenly vanish, you should start to investigate. Many times, corrupted data can occur without any warning signs.

5. Continual Rebooting. If your computer seems like it’s constantly rebooting, or if you see the BSOD before it reboots, your system is trying to fix itself. However, a hard drive malfunction cannot be fixed internally. Your computer could be caught in a loop of restarting, crashing and rebooting, which can be dangerous and incredibly frustrating.

Are you experiencing any of these 5 telltale signs? Tell us your issue, so we can help you before it’s too late!

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