How to Clean Your Keyboard After a Spill

Stacey Turnbull, Marketing Manager | December 20, 2016

So, you’ve spilled your beverage on the keyboard and now you can’t keep your fingers off the keys – literally. That sticky liquid is soaking into the board and you need a quick fix before it permanently stains it. Well, you’re in luck. Here’s your step-by-step emergency keyboard spillage guide to see you through these sticky times.

Step one: Immediately turn the computer off and if you are able, disconnect your keyboard USB from the monitor or tower.

Step two: Flip the board over to remove the excess liquid floating around the keys. Shake it slightly and use the cloth to damp dry it.

Step three: Grab a cotton swab and soak it in isopropyl alcohol. Then, dab the affected area repeatedly until the spot is cleaned. If applicable, leave your keyboard upside over night to let the keys air dry. You can also pile rice on top of the keyboard itself, which also works to extract all the water.

Make sure your keyboard is completely dry before plugging the USB back into your computer. Similarly, make sure all the keys are dry before switching the computer back on.

*Please note: All-purpose cleaners, such as Lysol and Windex, do NOT work with electronics.

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    SMB Success Story: Jack’s Diving Locker

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