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How to grant and restrict access to data

Is your customers’ data working hard enough? It’s full of valuable insights, if you know how to unlock them. That’s where Interphase Systems and Microsoft #Office365 come in. Office365 features Power BI, a suite of business-analytics tools that deliver insights throughout your customers’ organizations. Using Power BI, they can connect to hundreds of data sources, simplify data prep, and drive ad hoc analysis. Power BI even sends them alerts when data changes and lets users drill down for more details. Let us help you develop a winning edge by helping you squeeze more meaning out of data you are probably already collecting. Let’s discuss it today 610-276-5500 or email our client engagement team at

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Broadclyst School–Tracking Pupil Attainment

Save time and multiply your effectiveness. Interphase Systems, Inc. knows that, with the right digital tools, teams can gain new insights, then collaborate to create a win-win situation for everyone involved.

Broadclyst School relies on #Office365 to help its teachers work collaboratively as they analyze and share intelligence from test data, create and assign resources, mark up student assignments, and provide feedback to their pupils. This helps the teachers group children according to their needs and assign classwork that matches the learning style of each student.

Interphase Systems, Inc. can put your business on the same winning track. Contact us to find out how. 610-276-5500

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Today’s Innovative Businesses: Focusing on What Matters Most – Infographic

Innovation is the name of the game today. Why let redundant, repetitive tasks stand in the way when #Office365 provides business-process automation to handle them for you? Microsoft Forms lets your customers gather valuable information through surveys, quizzes, and polls. With Microsoft Flow, they can create automated workflows between apps and services. #Office365 has intelligence at its core to deliver the insights and assistance that help your customers do their best work. Let Interphase Systems show you how to transform your business processes. Give us a Call today! 610-276-5500.

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Broadclyst School–Communicating with Skype and Office 365

Real-time communication can boost productivity, broaden perspectives, and build stronger partnerships. Interphase Systems, Inc. knows that, with the right tools, teams can share their work and ideas to benefit group projects and develop stronger working relationships.

The Broadclyst School uses #Office365 with Skype for Business to facilitate communication and collaboration among student teams around the world –supporting pupil engagement and enhancing their curriculum. Skype also encourages parent partnerships with the school by enabling parents to attend and participate virtually in school meetings when they can’t be there in person.
Can your business or school benefit from improved collaboration amongst team members, partners and customers? If so, Interphase Systems can help your team get on the right track to true team collaboration. Give us a call today at 610-276-5500.

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Indivior Creates Cures with Office 365

Collaboration is key to boosting productivity and enabling the kind of ingenuity and innovation necessary to develop a cure for addiction. Indivior envisions such a cure and relies on the functionality Office 365 provides to empower their employees to collaborate on new medicines and treatments to deliver it. The ability to share massive amounts of data is crucial, and Office 365 makes sharing and cooperating easy with Co-Authoring. You’ll see how the new Office is more secure, more collaborative, and more convenient than ever.

Interphase Systems can help your business achieve the advantages of leveraging the cloud with Office 365. Contact us today to find out how!

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