Infrastructure and Network Management

Experience a complete virtual IT department that is easily scalable for expansion, yet flexible enough to proactively manage systems and quickly respond to sensitive issues.

End User

Receive fast, superior help desk support when you need it. We provide you and your users with secure and reliable email and web-based ticketing system used to keep a record of every issue.

Security Monitoring and Management

Know that your systems are being monitored 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and we will step in the minute we find anything amiss. Most times, you won’t even know there was ever a problem.

Project Implementations

Rest easy knowing that your strategic projects will be delivered by a highly experienced team of engineers who possess multiple decades of core IT and business experience.

Does Your Team Need Assistance?

CoMITs enables your IT team to work to its fullest extent. IT needs continually expand, requiring higher levels of technology expertise to implement and maintain business solutions. As a result, IT team member workloads increase, creating less time to stay on top of technological changes. Via CoMITs, Interphase Systems can partner closely with your team to manage increased demands while providing access to over 25 years of enterprise IT experience.

Looking to Enhance Your Current IT Team?

Our IT experts collaborate with your team to manage, support, and secure your business systems. Enhance your IT operations via this monthly, subscription-based, service, without breaking the bank.

Infrastructure Management

Your IT infrastructure is vital to your organization. It manages and protects your confidential information across your network, servers and user devices. Put your trust in one team that specializes in analysis, design, implementation, and proactive management to ensure your technology and information are operating at peak performance.

Next Generation Systems Management

By incorporating the Interphase InsightTM platform into your environment, along with your team we will be able to proactively monitor your technology assets for improved productivity, performance and reliability. Watch over all of your workstations, servers, printers and even mobile phones to become aware of issues before they become problems.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Co-Managed IT Service (CoMITS)?

CoMITs is an IT model that provides an IT Manager with the support and knowledge of a team of technical specialists that enhances their team without the overhead of hiring and purchasing software and hardware.

Why Should I Consider Co-Managed IT Services (CoMITs)?

CoMITs enables your IT team to focus on their key goals while our team manages the rest.  We act as an extension of your current team to bring additional capabilities and tools to the table while alleviating pressure from your existing team.  With our CoMITs service, we work together as one team to enhance the way your business operates.

How will a Co-Managed IT Service (CoMITs) help my organization?

Your IT team needs backup. CoMITs provides your team with a highly experienced partner that is staffed with experts who specialize in many other technical arenas, giving your team a greater breadth of knowledge. Your IT Team will have access to the various monitoring and management tools and services that we provide to our fully managed Ready-ITTM clients. If a challenging technical issue arises, our team already understands your systems and can jump in to assist.

Additionally, we fill in for your IT Manager while they are on PTO, so they can finally take a vacation without having to deal with support requests while off from work.

What is the difference between Outsourced IT and Co-Managed IT (CoMITs)?

When an organization outsources their IT, they hire a Managed Services Provider to oversee all of their IT support and systems. Our CoMITs service acts as an extension of your current IT staff layering on additional team members, capabilities, knowledge, and systems. Your IT staff and our team work together as one.

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