Introducing the “Lunch Byte” Webinar Series

Lew Smith, Director, Consulting Services | May 08, 2020

The way we work has evolved quickly during recent weeks. As a result, people are pressed for time, now more than ever. With these recent changes in working remotely, Interphase Systems has developed its latest “Lunch Byte” webinar series in an effort to help you maximize time while evaluating new ways technology can increase business efficiency.

These quick, 15-minute, educational webinars were designed to be “schedule friendly,” allowing you to digest more than your food at lunch-time. The “Lunch Byte” series will engage our participants as well as offer training and information on relatable and timely topics. This is a laid-back atmosphere where we expect attendees to enjoy their lunch from wherever they are working while learning something new!

Interphase Systems invites you to these interactive sessions where you will learn best practices from our Senior Consulting team members who, together, possess well over a century of IT and business knowledge.

Click here for the full schedule of the webinar series.

We look forward to seeing you there!

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