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IT Strategy Roadmap

Project Management

Acquisition Integration

Trying to solve all your IT problems internally can be a

major distraction, and often cause productivity loss.

Don’t allow your business to suffer because you’ve placed 100% of your focus on IT needs. Let us help. Our certified and experienced team of IT professionals can provide strategic consulting and IT leadership to your organization. Count on us just as you would one of your valued team members.

Our senior staff can deliver the c-level leadership and support your team needs without the cost and commitment associated with hiring a full-time employee. Whether you’re a growing business or just looking for assistance with your strategic IT priorities, Interphase Systems is here to align your IT strategy and processes with your business goals.

Whether You're Big or Small, We Can Help.

Whether you’re looking to upgrade your network, starting a new business, or looking to secure your backup system, Interphase Systems is here to support you with our technology consulting services.

IT Strategy Roadmap

The Interphase Management Team has recognized the power of focused strategic planning. Our clients’ success stories are the proof. The approach we take with our clients is to determine the specific needs they require from a systems and business standpoint.

We review:

  • Business Strategy
  • Client Need
  • Organizational Structure
  • IT Infrastructure

Project Management

Accurate communication and collaboration is the key to any project’s success. The Interphase Systems project team draws on years of experience in managing projects for complex, multinational enterprises. Through industry certifications and key experience, we have refined our project methodology and delivery model in order to help ensure your success.

Interphase Systems’ combination of methodology, tools and communication enables our customers to identify and mitigate risks early-on, ensuring a successful project outcome. A continual financial forecast and refinement approach promotes fiscal accuracy, responsibility and predictability.

Acquisition Integration

Mergers and acquisitions require a smooth transition to ensure that the business is not interrupted. Our specialists provide the experience to make an easy transition. We focus on the main points of the business:

  • Systems: Software and Hardware integration
  • Procedures: Reviewed, combined, updated, and documented
  • Staff: Primary roles, accountability, and hierarchy

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