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IT systems require maintenance over time. When this critical step does not occur, it often results in technical issues, which cause business issues. For example, software updates and configurations may not have been maintained. Security measures may unknowingly be compromised. Designs may have drifted from best practices, and documentation may not be accurate. All of these can lead to potential system failure, delays in issue resolutions, or possible data loss.

When you bring Interphase Systems to your organization to perform an IT Assessment you receive a holistic view of your IT ecosystem. We use leading assessment tools, coupled with our deep knowledge and experience, to compare your existing environment against industry best practices. Our technology experts then walk you through your environment, providing a current view into what is working, and what needs to be updated or improved.

Key Benefits

Known issues can be reviewed in a targeted fashion, but unknown issues can be difficult to discern without proper time, focus and expertise. Our engineers and architects possess years of technology experience spanning across many industries within highly complex IT environments.

You may be encountering an issue within your IT environment without even knowing it exists. Our assessment approach provides a complete view of your systems, taking each device and application’s function into consideration, so you can ensure you have a clear picture of their status and role.

Clear Infrastructure Diagram

IT systems documentation can easily become obsolete, or may not exist at all. We provide you with a clear diagram depicting the interactions between your key IT components. The data we gather will enable you to fully understand your network relationships.

Key Observations

All of our observations are documented and will be presented to you for review and feedback. All recommendations are prioritized according to business impact and urgency.

Actionable Steps

When issues are detected, we provide your team with clear, actionable steps to remediate. We also provide guidance on additional controls, or on refining existing configurations, in an effort to harden your environment and prevent recurring issues.

Take the first step towards a better understanding of your IT environment.

With an independent, unbiased IT Assessment from Interphase Systems, you gain insight into your system’s strengths and vulnerabilities, as well as a comprehensive roadmap on how to resolve any found issues.

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Network & Infrastructure Review

Is your network and infrastructure performance meeting your business needs? Let us help give you the answer to that question and more. We compile an inventory of all devices accessing your network, then map the relationships and connections between each of these devices.

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IT Security Assessment

Are you confident that your company’s technology assets are secure? How often do you test your security controls to ensure they remain current? Our independent IT security assessment will enable you to answer these questions, and take steps to reinforce your IT operations.

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Cloud Readiness Review

A Cloud readiness assessment in the ideal way to plan the implementation of new or the migration of existing systems to the Cloud.

Interphase Systems helps address the challenges associated with securely migrating applications and data to the cloud. We address your technical readiness and help you understand the costs associated with this transition.

Whether you already have an established direction, or are deciding if you should transition to the Cloud, an assessment is the first step in executing your Cloud strategy.

Backup & Recovery Assessment

Backups are the life blood of your organization when the unexpected happens.

It’s important to have visibility into your current backup environment to ensure that your critical data is protected.

The Interphase Systems Backup & Recovery Assessment provides an independent review of your existing backup and recovery methods, along with recommendations to resolve potential issues if any are found. We will also take a comprehensive look at your backup environment, providing recommendations to help meet your businesses recovery-point and recovery-time objectives.

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