How confident are you that your technology assets are secure?

Our independent IT Security Assessment of your security controls and systems will enable you to answer this question and take steps to reinforce your IT operations.

Our methodologies have been developed and proven in audits conducted with companies large and small, ensuring our security experts have the know-how to assess your organizations exposure and provide proper mitigation strategies.

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Ransomware attacks occur in the United States.

Source: SonicWall Cyber Threat Report 2020

Stay ahead of cyber security threats; prepare for compliance audits and identify security risks and vulnerabilities within your environment.

An Interphase Systems IT Security Assessment identifies potential risks and vulnerabilities within your organization. Our specialists use multiple security scanning tools and advanced investigative techniques to uncover potential threats. Our team recommends security best practices along with appropriate security technologies to minimize risk exposure and protect your data from external threats.

Security Assessments are crucial for all companies across all industries to guard against external threats. Industries such as healthcare and finance require security assessments to meet stringent industry regulations and standards, and avoid facing stiff fines and penalties for non-compliance.

A detailed Security Risk Assessment identifies all of our findings, and provides a prioritized list of actionable recommendations for improving a company’s security posture. With our highly skilled security technologists, Interphase can assist in remediating all security risks.

The security assessment will target the following key areas:

Antivirus, Malware &
Ransomware Protection

Infiltration & Exfiltration


Cloud Integration

Mobile Device

Backup & Disaster
Recovery Capabilities

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