Network & Infrastructure Assessment

The First Step in Optimizing IT Performance

Is your network and infrastructure performance meeting your business needs? 

Your business needs are constantly changing, which means that your IT systems need to be flexible enough to meet these developing needs. Your systems are handling the load today, but are you comfortable that they can handle the load tomorrow?

An unbiased opinion from a team of experts can give you the answer to that question. When you conduct a Network & Infrastructure Assessment with Interphase Systems, our senior engineers will determine how scalable your IT environment is, providing recommendations for ways to shore up your operations.

We use leading assessment tools, coupled with our deep knowledge and experience, to compare industry best practices against your existing environment, all while keeping a focus on the business goals that can truly impact your decisions.


of IT leaders expect to increase or maintain infrastructure spending.

TEKsystems: IT Executive Outlook, Annual IT Forecast, 2013

Assess your current IT infrastructure to identify limitations within your current environment. 

 The Interphase Systems’ Network & Infrastructure Assessment combines industry-leading assessment tools and expert analysis to highlight any issues within your existing infrastructure. Our team reviews the findings and provides recommendations for improving your environment. Interphase creates a comprehensive report prioritizing all identified issues and detailed results of the assessment, along with recommendations for improvement.

You will also receive recommendations for design improvements to help you create a state of the art infrastructure that abides by industry-standard best practices. This includes best of breed technologies, enhancing the efficiency and growth of your environment.

Gain confidence that your IT network and infrastructure are operating efficiently and will support all of your business needs.

Analysis of these key areas helps maximize your investment and enables your business to grow:

Infrastructure Design & Network Topology

Server & Storage Design


eMessaging Systems

Site to Site & Internet Connectivity

Cloud Strategy

Backup & Disaster Recovery Capabilities

If you are waiting for the perfect time to assess your IT, the time is now. Contact us today to get started!

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