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Staff Training and Readiness

Cyber threats are real, and the people trying to get your company’s information are talented.

Hackers aren’t just working maliciously to disrupt your networks or deny service to your clients, they are also trying to intercept and compromise your sensitive data. It’s time to go beyond the defense.

Put your trust in Interphase Systems. With our suite of IT security services, we will help you stay aware with the different cyberattacks that may threaten your company and your staff.

With cyber crimes becoming more advanced and costly, companies need to go on the offensive to protect their data and systems. Interphase helps your organization develop, evaluate and implement an integrated cyber security policy. Our traditional and modern solutions allow your security to adapt as your business grows and hackers become more sophisticated.

Free Cyber Security Email Tips

User awareness is key when it comes to protecting confidential and sensitive information. You can start to train your staff today to recognize and avoid the many vulnerabilities, threats and pitfalls that may continuously face.

You and your colleagues can learn more about how to protect yourself and your company through our free bi-weekly email tips.

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Security Assessments & Penetration Tests

Technology essentials for your business, like mobility, social media and web applications can pose risks you may not be aware of today.

Our assessments are based on many factors, including the size and industry focus of your organization, your current security process and technological complexity. We also look at any recent breach events you may have encountered. Our team will show you the specific areas you need to improve to make your company the safest it can be.

Incident Response Plans

It’s better to be prepared when it comes to responding to a security threat. Having a plan in place before an incident occurs will help you get back up and running faster.

Interphase Systems helps you develop your organization’s pre-planned procedures for every type of breach so that threats are stopped and the aftermath is dealt with quickly and properly. Customized planning is vital in order to turn a response framework into an effective response plan.

Staff Training & Readiness

Human error is the leading cause of cyber incidents.  Let us help you educate your employees on how to identify potential risks that may affect them and lead to a breach. This training will show your staff how to minimize the missteps that produce risks and how easy it is to fall for the different types incidents they may encounter.

By offering the Interphase Systems’ Security Awareness and Training Program to your employees, we will show your team how to prevent and protect against:

  • Email phishing attacks
  • Password sharing
  • Malicious messages, advertisements and websites

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