Cyber Security Awareness Training for HRTrain Clients

Don’t let your employees get duped by modern day cyber scams.

HRTrain is partnering with Interphase Systems to offer your organization a Security Awareness and Training Program. These customizable programs train your employees on how to identify, prevent and protect your organization against modern cyber security attacks. 

With this awareness training program, you will have access to:

  • End-User Training Portal
  • Simulated Phishing Attacks
  • Quarterly Reports on Staff Participation

All HRTrain clients will receive a special discounted rate when you sign up for the
Cyber Security Awareness Training. 


of all cyber incidents are due to human error.


of targeted cyber attacks were directed at businesses with fewer than 250 employees.


of people use the same password, or a variation of it, for all his or her accounts.

How Does the Training Program Work?

Online Education

Your staff will have the opportunity to learn about all of the modern-day tactics used to gain access to personal and company information. Common security concerns include email phishing attacks, password sharing and malicious messages, advertisements and websites.

Simulated Phishing Attacks

We will periodically send out simulated phishing emails to not only help familiarize users with these methods but to also show you where potential threats lie. These mock communications can be customized for your organization or industry.

Quarterly Reporting

At the end of each simulated attack, you can review a number of reports to identify any weakness. You will be able to see which users clicked on a dangerous link from the simulated phishing attacks. From that, you will be able to monitor these users and offer additional training if needed.

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