Data Recovery

Feel confident that your company will fully recover in the event of data loss or server downtime. READY-RecoveryTM provides a standard best-in-class package of localized backup and off-site recovery capabilities.

Monitoring Operations

The Interphase Support Center monitors backup operations and receives alerts if backups do not complete on their scheduled intervals.

Continual Backup

Set the time intervals between your system backups depending on your need: daily, hourly, or even every 30 minutes.

Adjustable Service Levels

Rely on an off-site replication of server workloads so that all protected systems and data can be run in a secure Cloud environment.

Validated Testing

Depend on the reliability of your backups. We test your systems weekly to ensure backup and recovery are functioning and ready at any time.

Flexible Payment Options

Pay as you grow or pay by policy. You can pay for the actual space you require or for the duration of time per your retention requirements. We provide unlimited storage in the Cloud for one set monthly price.

The best of both worlds: A backup stored on-site with a duplicate in the Cloud.

Eliminate the stress of unreliable tape backup and the fear of failed data rescue by transitioning to the Cloud.

Over 60 percent of businesses still use unreliable, antiquated magnetic tape systems to store their backup data. When these businesses suffer a total loss of their systems and data, over 70 percent never fully recover. Put an end to the worry and hassle of dealing with tape rotations, deterioration, storage, and slow restoration by switching to READY-RecoveryTM.

We can restore your data, for any reason, by easily triggering an automatic restore to your system from your backup.

High Performance, Low Cost.

Ensure that your important company data will be recovered if you ever face a natural disaster or cyber threat with this monthly, subscription-based service.

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Automated Cloud Backup

As your company grows and your data becomes more complex, the Cloud is now an easy solution to help you streamline your business. It is vital to ensure you have a reliable cloud backup and disaster recovery service.

Our complete data backup solution, monitored at all times, is automatically stored in the Cloud at a secure, off-site data center that is SAS 70 Type II certified.

Onsite Backup

Minor, but damaging, data loss due to intentional deletions, viruses or hardware failures is always a possibility. With the Interphase on-site backup solution, you can easily recover from a data loss immediately and without access to the Internet.

The READY-RecoveryTM appliance we install ensures a quick recovery in minutes, rather than days. The data restoration process is very simple and only takes a short amount of time to get you up and running again.

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