Monitor & Alert

Know when your systems are vulnerable by setting up alerts for issues such as patching compliance, offline servers and when storage is almost at capacity.

Patch Management

Automatically keep your infrastructure up-to-date with Microsoft security patches. Protect your critical data from compromise, without adversely affecting daily operations.

Real-Time Reporting

Receive weekly or on-demand reports on vulnerabilities by device, discovered ports, discovered users, Windows processes, services, and shares.

Remote Connect

Access all of your network’s PC and servers within seconds to connect remotely when an issue arises.

Proactive Response

Utilize leading edge, predictive problem-solving technology so you can find the issues before they occur.

Virus and Malware Protection

Receive two dedicated layers of protection with real-time infection alerts and detailed reporting.

Access one seamless analytics and reporting tool
with the most innovative technology available.

The overall success of your business and health of your network is dependent on your servers, which house your critical applications, databases and email functionality. With Interphase InsightTM, you will have the ability to easily monitor all of the critical aspects of your infrastructure and manage the performance of your servers.

With our program, you can combine real-time status and alert monitoring with your historical reports to facilitate rapid analysis. This helps identify trends, variations, abnormalities, and other complex relationships, resulting in faster identification and resolution of performance problems.

High Performance, Low Cost.

This monthly, subscription-based service allows you to access critical information and reporting of
your IT systems without breaking the bank.

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Cloud Security

Feel safe knowing your incoming and outgoing data is protected with our Cloud-based internet security on and off your corporate network. Other features include:

  • Protect your cloud-bound workloads
  • Prevent automatic downloads and phishing requests
  • Avoid data exfiltration with known malicious sites and IP’s
  • Provide off-network protection to your mobile workforce

Preventative Maintenance

By incorporating the Interphase InsightTM platform into your environment, you will be able to proactively monitor your technology assets for improved productivity, performance and reliability. Watch over all of your workstations, servers, printers and even mobile phones to become aware of issues before they become problems.

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