Microsoft Relinquishes Control of Seized Domains

John Biglin, CEO | July 11, 2014

A campaign geared towards trying to prevent cyber criminals from further penetrating vulnerable domain servers has landed Microsoft in a sticky situation. Recently, Microsoft was adamant on seizing control of 23 No-IP domains, but has returned more than half. Whether pressured by the angered security community or feeling the backlash from the service outage, Microsoft has decided this was the best way to go after their bold move pushed them two steps backwards.

Microsoft has relinquished control of the recently acquired domains from In fact, Microsoft returned 18 out of the 23 domains seized due to major backlash regarding a service outage for more than 1.8 million No-IP users, including paying customers. The service outage lasted for two consecutive days. After giving some of the domains back, Microsoft obtained a restraining order against Vitalwerks, the organization that controls No-IP.

Even though Microsoft’s move was paved with good intentions, the aftermath proved otherwise. Roughly 4 million hostnames were impacted by the outage resulting from Microsoft’s action. As of now, Microsoft has not released any comments disclosing why they returned permissions to No-IP. The lesson to be learned is that cybercrime is a serious problem that cannot be combated in one fell swoop.

To get the full story of what happened, check out our previous blog at: Microsoft’s Seizure of No-IP domains Causes A Major Service Outage

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