Microsoft’s Seizure of No-IP domains Causes A Major Service Outage

John Biglin, CEO | July 9, 2014

Microsoft attempted to stop the spread of Trojan infections by seizing over 23 domains from the free Dynamic DNS provider No-IP. However, as a result of the seizure, millions of users experienced a service outage.

Remote access Trojans, njRAT and njw0rm, are impacting millions of users and Microsoft decided to take action. Microsoft apprehended 23 domains registered through Free DNS providers are popular targets for hackers because subdomains can easily be setup and DNS records can be manipulated with malware.

Microsoft detected 7.4 million njRAT and njw0rm infections in just this past year, and alleges that No-IP failed to take appropriate steps to curb or prevent domain-abuse.

DNS is a process of automatically updating lists in the Internet’s address books. In other words, it’s like a white page directory for the Internet that is necessary to remember each IP address of every website you visit. If a free Dynamic DNS service, such as No-IP, is not managed adequately, hackers can abuse its domains.

Before Microsoft’s seizure of the domains, several reports by the security community complained No-IP was not enforcing domain-security or taking any steps to remedy the issue.

It is a constant challenge to prevent cyber criminals and spammers from gaining access into accounts and networks and spreading malware, but preventative steps can be taken to reduce the odds. No-IP may not have handled the crisis effectively, but Microsoft’s domain seizure resulted in millions of service outages.

UPDATE: Microsoft has relinquished control of the recently acquired domains from Get all the details on our  

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