OneNote 2019 Will Never Exist… Yes, I’m Serious

Lew Smith, Director of Consulting Services | August 15, 2018
If you sneezed at the right time this past April (I did) you probably missed the announcement that Microsoft will not release a new version of OneNote with their new Office 2019 suite later this year.  For all of you diehard OneNote users this may be some of the worst news, but don’t fear, the OneNote Windows 10 app is here! (Cue the sad trombone)

In all seriousness, OneNote has been a great product, and for those of us who use OneNote daily, and perhaps have customized some processes based on its capabilities, this is not great news.  In their Office 365 blog post on April 18th, Microsoft provides insight as to why this directional change has been instituted.  Additionally, Microsoft has confirmed that OneNote 2016 will be an optional install within Office 2019, and the application will be supported through the end of Office 2016’s extended support date (October 14, 2025).  This means you still have 7 years to use OneNote 2016 in a supported fashion.

Back to the bad news, the current OneNote for Windows 10 app is not the same as OneNote 2016, but Microsoft understands there are gaps that require updates.  Over the last few years, the OneNote team has been working to improve this app and have actually brought some new features to the app, which are unavailable in OneNote 2016.  In all honesty, the app is MUCH better now that it was a year ago.  Here is where the bad news becomes good news. Microsoft is planning to release many additional updates based on user feedback (which you can provide via their feedback hub), in an effort to bring the Windows 10 app up to speed as quickly as possible.  One noticeable change is the updated sync engine for the app, which is VERY fast and sync’s across your Windows 10, iOS, and Android devices.

With all of this said, jump on the feedback hub if there are features that are must-haves for you and your team.  The earlier it is submitted, the sooner it has a chance to hit the Windows 10 app!

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