Shop Talk Features Interphase Systems CEO John Biglin on READY-IT BioPharma

December 12, 2019

Shop Talk: Interphase Systems CEO John Biglin on READY-IT BioPharma

A year ago, John Biglin, the CEO of Interphase Systems, was talking to the CFO of an emerging Center City pharmaceutical company.

The CFO, intent on keeping in order the financial house of his blue-chip invested life sciences startup, had a problem.

“Is it normal that sometimes you don’t get e-mails, or e-mails take a couple days to arrive or when you do get them, they come in triplicate?” Biglin remembers the CFO asking.

“Our IT has been cobbled together by an employee or by his nephew or uncle,” Biglin recalls the CFO and others in his position saying. “Someone just shows up in a truck and sets stuff up in our office. If the FDA came in here and we say we can’t produce this lab data or that, we are out of business.”

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SMB Success Story: Jack’s Diving Locker

Did you know that technology is helping to protect and save our oceans? With #cloud security and communication tools, @JacksDiveLocker has exponentially increased their outreach and education efforts to keep our oceans healthy and thriving.

Want to see how the latest #security tools can help grow your business? Contact the Client Engagement team at Interphase Systems ( or 610-276-5500) to get started today!

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Taking internal communication to the next level with Microsoft Teams

Communication among team members and between different teams, especially when they’re in different locations, can be a huge challenge–but it doesn’t have to be an obstacle to collaboration and teamwork. Watch this video to discover why Red Lion Hotels (RLH) trusted Microsoft Teams to integrate all its corporate collaboration needs into one internal communications tool. Interphase Systems helps organizations of all types build and implement a collaboration strategy that leverages Microsoft Teams as the nexus for internal and external team collaboration. Contact our Client Engagement team today ( or 610-276-5500) to help your organization plan and implement its own collaboration strategy.

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The Guts Of A Phishing Email

Are you ready to lose all your money, cancel all accounts, and probably experience a system failure? I’m sure you will never be ready for that, which is why it’s critical you recognize the anatomy of a phishing email to avoid becoming a victim. So here are several...

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