4 Ways to Speed Up Your Wi-Fi Connection

Michael Walsh, Infrastructure Services & Client CIO | April 4, 2016

Believe it or not, there are a lot of objects, places, and appliances that can hinder your Wi-Fi signal. However, there are ways to bolster your signal strength and achieve optimum speed. Here are four ways to improve your Wi-Fi connection.

  1. Location really matters. Did you know Wi-Fi signals can be hindered by wallpapers and other devices within close proximity? Some devices that could intercept Wi-Fi radio waves are microwaves, baby monitors, cordless phones, speakers, refrigerators and mirrors. Make sure you put your router in the right place, ideally in the middle of your house, higher up and out in the open and not on the floor.
  2. Don’t share. If you want your neighbors to stop mooching off your Wi-Fi and slowing it down, then you need to shut off your Service Set Identifier, SSID. The SSID is a broadcasting option that will prevent your greedy neighbors from stealing your Internet while also reducing your risk of being hacked. It is a way of encrypting your Wi-Fi for maximum protection.
  3. High-gain Wi-Fi antennas to the rescue. Typically, when you purchase a router, a few antennas are included. However, more often than not, those antennas are not strong enough to reach all corners of your house. With a high-gain Wi-Fi antenna, you can boost signal strength and extend the router’s range. You can also add a Wi-Fi extender to maximize router strength.
  4. Zap Wi-Fi dead zones. Wi-Fi extenders, or repeaters, are tools that can rebroadcast your signals to improve range and speed. These repeaters work well with high-gain antennas to give you the strongest Wi-Fi signals possible. Together, these tools will ultimately help to zap those Wi-Fi dead zones.

SMB Success Story: Jack’s Diving Locker

SMB Success Story: Jack’s Diving Locker

Did you know that technology is helping to protect and save our oceans? With #cloud security and communication tools, @JacksDiveLocker has exponentially increased their outreach and education efforts to keep our oceans healthy and thriving.

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Taking internal communication to the next level with Microsoft Teams

Taking internal communication to the next level with Microsoft Teams

Communication among team members and between different teams, especially when they’re in different locations, can be a huge challenge–but it doesn’t have to be an obstacle to collaboration and teamwork. Watch this video to discover why Red Lion Hotels (RLH) trusted Microsoft Teams to integrate all its corporate collaboration needs into one internal communications tool. Interphase Systems helps organizations of all types build and implement a collaboration strategy that leverages Microsoft Teams as the nexus for internal and external team collaboration. Contact our Client Engagement team today (ce@interphasesystems.com or 610-276-5500) to help your organization plan and implement its own collaboration strategy.

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