The Dark Web is no joke – Why it should be monitored by your business

Lew Smith, Director of Consulting Services | September 13, 2018
Did you know that 39% of adults in the United States use the same, or similar, password for more than one online service?  Even worse, this percentage jumps to 47% for adults between the age of 18 and 29.*  That’s nearly half of adults 18 to 29 who use the same password across multiple services.  That’s interesting, but why is that an issue for your business?

Since we began piloting our Dark Web monitoring service, we’ve participated in many conversations with executives where our team has been able to tell them their password, accurately.  Their resulting silent response is confirmation of the importance of this service.  However, it’s the next statement that truly solidifies the need for businesses to monitor such password compromises… “I use that password in many places.”

In my recent post regarding Office 365 email attacks, I highlighted the challenges with password use.  Your employees reuse passwords, period.  This means that their network logon credentials and external service credentials for your business systems (, Dropbox, ADP, etc.) have a high likelihood of being the same.  The challenge associated to that statement is that IT security is no longer directly controlled by your company.  All that is required for YOUR business to be compromised is a single hack of ANY external service.  This includes your business systems and any personal services your employees use.  Once their password is exposed, this information can be used by criminals to access any personal or business account where that password, or any variation of it, is used.

This is why we recommend that our clients monitor the Dark Web, which is where criminals auction these personal details to the highest bidder.  While this cannot prevent the mentioned services from being hacked, it WILL provide you with monitoring and alerts so you can take action to protect your business.

If you’re interested in discussing a Dark Web monitoring service, or are interested in a scan to see if your business is in danger today, simply contact our team via our web form and we will set up a call to discuss.

*Pew Research Center, “Americans and Cybersecurity,” January 2017

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