Tips to Increase Your Smartphone Security

John Biglin, CEO | August 7, 2014

Your entire address book, calendar, personal files, photos, and other sensitive information is compressed into one handheld device: your smartphone. Sure, you’ve taken proper precautions to encrypt your company data, setup disaster recovery, and even migrate your files into the cloud. But, how secure is your smartphone? These tips will help keep your handset secure and your information private.

  • Create a lock code. To increase the security of your smartphone, set a lock code. You can create a 4-digit PIN or an actual password with a mix of letters, numbers, and characters. Ideally, you should set your smartphone to require this code every time you wake it for use rather than setting adelay of 1 or 5 minutes before passcode entry is required.
  • Enable “Do Not Track.” Every website you surf on your mobile device collects information, or data points, to better tailor advertisements to you. By enabling “Do Not Track” on your mobile web browser, you are telling these websites to not collect any information. While enabling this function does not guarantee your data will not be collected, it does significantly limit the amount. Android users can enable this setting on their Google Chrome browser and iOS users can set this up on their Safari browser.
  • Get familiar with Recovery Apps. It is inevitable. At some point you will misplace your phone. However, now you can track it down when it’s not where you left it. Both Android and iOS offer recovery apps that allow you to track your phone down via GPS location and also lock it just in case in falls into the wrong hands. You also have the ability to completely wipe all data from the phone if you fear that it may be in the wrong hands, or that you may never recover the device.
  • Keep your device physically secure. While you protect your data from websites and businesses, you may be leaving your phone susceptible to the old fashioned snatch-and-grab. Keep your phone in a hard to access place such as in a tight front pocket. It is not a good idea to leave your phone unattended on your office desk, within your car, or on a counter at a department store or coffee shop. Thieves merely need a few seconds to steal your device.

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