Lunch Byte Webinar Series

The way you work has changed. Now, more than ever, finding time to create efficiencies in your business is crucial. This is why Interphase has created the “Lunch Byte” webinar series. Quick, 15-minute webinars, held at 12 pm, designed to maximize your time to learn ways you can leverage technology to enhance your business.

April 29: Leverage Microsoft Teams to Organize Business Operations

Your team may be using Microsoft Teams to communicate via Chat or Video Conference today, which is great. However, how can you more effectively leverage Teams to enhance and organize daily business operations? Attend this 15-minute session with one of our resident Microsoft Teams experts to gain insight into practices that our clients use today to streamline business delivery.

May 6: Effectively Manage Projects in Microsoft Teams

Whether your teams are working on a client project or an internal project, you might feel like delivery is not always consistent. Your team may even be asking for other tools to enhance project delivery. So, how can you leverage the Microsoft 365 tools that you’re already paying for to more effectively manage these initiatives? Attend this 15-minute session with one of our Microsoft 365 specialists to understand different approaches to managing projects with the tools you already have at your disposal.

May 13: Co-Author Content in Microsoft Teams

Does your team email documents back and forth as a way to “collaborate” on document creation? Are you constantly losing changes? Do you feel like this process is slowing down your business? Join us for this 15-minute session to see how you can author business documents together, as a team, to more efficiently drive the document creation process to closure.

May 20: Shortcuts to Enhance Efficiency in Microsoft Teams

Are you struggling with figuring out certain functions in Microsoft Teams? Do you prefer keyboard shortcuts to get your work done? Would you like to find more effective ways to embed content in your Teams posts? Join us for this 15-minute session with one of our resident Teams experts to learn ways you can further empower yourself and your teams within Microsoft Teams.

May 27: File Storage and Search in Office 365

Where do you store your files in Office 365? How do you determine where to store each file? Once you’ve done that, how in the world do you find something? File storage and search are two of the biggest questions we receive on a daily basis. Attend this session with one of our resident Microsoft Teams experts to learn some best practices and techniques to further empower you and your team.

June 3: Mobile Scanning with the Microsoft Office Lens App

Don’t have a scanner in your home office but need to quickly upload documents for your team? On the go and need to get that signed document emailed quickly? Don’t want to pay for another technology solution to fix this issue? Join our team for this session that will greatly enhance your mobile working capabilities simply by using the tools that you already have at your fingertips. After all, it’s only 15 minutes!

June 10: Data Sharing via OneDrive in Microsoft 365

Do you have partners, clients, or team members with whom you need to quickly share files, but you’re struggling to figure out the best way to do so? Perhaps the data you’re sharing is sensitive in nature and you need a way to personally control who can see these files? Join our team for this 15-minute session regarding the benefits of OneDrive and how you can leverage the power of this tool from your PC or mobile device to collaborate securely with others.